Here are some software packages and utility scripts I wrote that might be useful to the general public.


This package can help in organization of a conference. It can handle on-line applications, submission of abstracts, upload of electronic presenation, creating conference WWW pages etc. Also, using only subset of coonf's features one can set up WWW interface for easy insertion of any data into relational database and subsequent WWW access to this data.

Written in Python. Current version is coonf 0.9.11 (beta) [2012-02-27]. [download]  [HTML documentation] [PDF documentation]
[example WWW site 1] [example WWW site 2]


Retrieves postscript or PDF version of eprints from the archive.

Written in python. Current version is gethep 2.1 [2012-03-05]. [download]

Usage: gethep [-s|-d] arXiv/number (e.g. 0911.1374)
-s  save to file [default]
-d  display in viewer


Gets BibTeX info (and keywords) for a paper specified by either eprint number or texkey. Uses INSPIRE HEP database. This is useful for creating and updating your list of references. Even if you don't use BibTeX this script can help you in checking whether and where some eprint has been published.

Written in python. Requires requests and BeautifulSoup packages. Current version is getbib 2.0 [2014-02-19]. [download]

Usage:  getbib arXiv/number   


hep_filter is python script that intercepts daily abstract announcements by, calculates a score of each abstract according to keywords from your scores file and than reorders abstracts so that the ones most interesting to you come out on top. Resulting email is then forwarded to you.

Current version is hep_filter 0.6 [2007-08-24]. [download]   [documentation]


Backup script. Uses dump(8) and splits level 0 backup into multiple volumes that can be burned to CDs/DVDs. It can automatically mount remote NFS filesystems. Developed on FreeBSD but should work on other *nixes as well.

Written in Bourne shell. Current version is baak 1.0 [2003-01-30]. [download]  [documentation]

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