Mihael Makek

Associate professor
Faculty of Science


Applications of gamma-ray polarization

SiLGaP Project
R&D of detector systems capable of measuring gamma-ray polarization for novel applications in Positron Emission Tomography as well as in investigations of positronium decay.

Proof-of-Concept project
Detection of gamma-ray polarization via Compton scattering using single layer detectors and readout

Investigations of QCD and QGP properties

Electrons, kaons and neutrons in high precision measurements of hadrons and nuclei properties
High precision measurements in electron scattering experiments on nucleons and nuclei at MAMI, spectroscopy of X-ray transitions in kaonic atoms at

DAPHNE and neutron reactions on nuclei at n_TOF facility at CERN.

The PHENIX experiment at RHIC
Investigation of quark-gluon plasma via ultra-relativistic heavy-ion collisions.