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The Second international workshop on "Recent advances in broad-band solid-state NMR of correlated electronic systems" will take place on 4-9 September 2011, in Trogir, Croatia. The first workshop took place in September 2010, as part of the SOLeNeMaR project (FP7 #229390) of the European Commission and will mark the foundation of the first solid-state NMR facility in Zagreb, established with the support of the SOLeNeMaR project and the Croatian Government.

The conference site and housing are again within the walls of the historic town of Trogir, one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, situated close (6 km) to the international airport of Split (SPU).

The second workshop is meant to build on the strong point of the first, namely, a particular focus on the abilities of NMR to provide pertinent insight into the outstanding physical problems of our day. It will cover topical results on: high-Tc superconductors, fullerides and pnictides, quantum magnetism, spin liquids, heavy fermion conductors, actinides and skutterudites, as well as advances in broad-band NMR techniques. The target audience is both experimental and theoretical researchers in the field, as well as post-doctoral students specializing in broad-band NMR. The workshop is open to exploring relations between NMR and other methods, as well as introducing physical problems to which NMR investigations may contribute in the future, so it may be interesting to researchers in other fields as well.

A specific ambition of the workshop is to foster the development of NMR expertise among young researchers, which is one of the formal goals of the above-mentioned SOLeNeMaR project. To this purpose ten grants will be made available from the project to cover all the expenses at the conference for selected young researchers.

Due to space constraints related to our chosen venue, the number of participants is limited to 70, including the invited speakers. We encourage all interested colleagues to register early, also to benefit from the early registration fee of only 150 EUR (80 EUR for PhD students), valid until May 15th.

Further details are available at the conference web site, which will be continuously updated.

Trogir, Croatia

 Strengthening the SOLid-state research capacities in Zagreb by the introduction of the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance method




This workshop received funding from the European Community's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013 ) under grant agreement n 229390.

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