Dr. Miroslav Furić. Professor of Physics. Curriculum vitae.


Personal data:     Born: Davor, Croatia, January 31. 1941.

                          Married, two children


Education:          B.Sc. in Physics, Faculty of Sciences Zagreb (FSZ), 1964

                          Ph.D. in Physics, FSZ, 1970


Employment:       Assistant, Institut Ruđer Bošković (IRB) Zagreb 1965-1971

Research Associate, Univ.S.California, Los Angeles 1971-1972

Research Associate, Rice Univ., Houston, 1972-1974

Scientific Associate, IRB, Zagreb 1974-1979

Scientific Associate, CERN, Geneva 1975-1976

Senior Research Associate, Rice Univ., Houston 1977-1979

Senior Scientific Associate, IRB, Zagreb 1979-1980

Associate Professor, FSZ, Zagreb 1980-1986

Professor of Physics, FSZ, Zagreb 1986-


Scientific activities:       M.Furić began his research through participation in experiments inducing reactions with 14 MeV neutrons at Zagreb (Refs. 1-9). At Los Angeles he introduced the concept of quasi free reaction: a projectile induces a nuclear reaction on a part of the nucleus (Refs. 11 and 14). The concept was in a use later without referencing. M.Furić has started his medium energy research at SREL (Refs. 15 and 16) and continued as a coordinator of Rice University - University of Houston collaboration for LAMPF experiment #81 (Refs. 18 and 21). With this experience M.Furić has obtained the CERN fellowship, although the country was not a CERN member. From 1975 on he participates in research of pion absorption in nuclei, studying different aspects of the highly complex process. First it was a tool for searching of deeply-excited states (Refs. 20, 22, 26, 30, 36). Simultaneously, M.Furić started the medium energy group at Zagreb with graduate students working on theorty in the beginning (Refs. 25, 29, 40, 41). At the same time he participated in experiments on nucleon - nucleon spin parameters (Refs. 37, 39, 42, 49). He has returned to the topic of pion absorption, leading, from then on, the Zagreb group (first Croatian users group) which is participating in international collaborations examining the pion absorption mechanism itself (Refs. 45, 48, 60, 61, 62, 63, 67, 68, 71, 72). Results of this Basel-Karlsruhe-Zagreb work have demonstrated the existence of the pion absorption on three nucleous and precipitated the decision on building Large Acceptance Detector System (LADS) with an almost 4p solid angle devoted to an extensive pion absorption research. In that period, M.Furić participated also in a search for NN resonances (Refs. 53, 57, 59) and muon capture dynamics investigation (Refs. 51, 65). LADS results have confirmed the existance of the three-nucleon absorption process; they  have revealed some details of it and they are unravelling numerous other absorption aspects such as FSI, ISI, participation of even larger number of nucleons in absorption. (Refs. 69, 73, 75-82, 84-85). M.Furić has been among the senior scientists of the LADS collaboration. Zagreb, is also a participant in experiments #907 and #931 at BNL using stopped beam of K- and Neutral Meson Spectrometer achieving highly improved resolution in hypernuclear studies (Ref. 83). Preliminary data were presented at conferences demonstrating the improved resolution.


Teaching:            M.Furić has been teaching the following courses: Nuclear physics, Physics - experimental methods, Reactor physics, Experimental high energy physics and he is presently teaching General physics. He wrote the textbook “Modern physical methods, techniques and measurements” for undergraduates (in Croatian).


Appointments and awards:       M.Furić has been the principal and coprincipal investigator for several consecutive international projects. He was the President of  the Scientific Council of the Department of Nuclear and Applied Physics at the “R.Bošković” Institute (1975-1977) and President of the Teaching Section of the Croatian Physical Society (1984-1988). He was the Chairman of the Physics Department (FSZ) during all stages of creation of the new physics building (planning, errection, equipping) 1986-1992. He was the President of the Croatian Physical Society (1993-1997). M.Furić was a member of  the National Scientific Council (1993-1998). He is on the Board of Governors for University of Zagreb since 1996. He is the Croatian representative in the Council of the European Physical Society.

For his research work on reaction mechanisms he has received Croatian Scientific Award “R.Bošković” in 1987. His textbook has received the “J.J.Strossmayer” prize awarded jointly by the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts and Zagreb Fare in 1993.