Samobor - a town in Croatia (central Europe)
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Samobor, situated on the eastern slopes of the Samobor hills, at the exit from the picturesque valley of the Gradna brook, is one of the oldest and most attractive weekend resorts, only twenty kilometres from Zagreb.

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Samobor town first recorded in 1242 when King Bela IV granted by charter complete autonomy and independence to the Commune of Samobor. In the years that followed, the old Castle changed its lords, who for centuries oppressed and tyrannised the population of the region. The history of Samobor is full of law-suits and struggle for freedom. This picturesque little town saw the French rule between 1809 and 1813, followed by the Ilirian National Revival and political and cultural resistance to foreign tyrants.

Samobor the holiday resort dates from 1810, and the beginning of a tourist organization goes back to 1882. Samobor has its attractions throughout the year. Anglers can enjoy favourite sport at the clear Bregana, Slapnica and Gradna brooks, which are rich in trout. The environs of Samobor have always attracted hunters, hikers and athletes. There are romantic peaks to climb and hillside meadows within mountain paths leading to popular chalets. Samobor's athletic history is best illustrated by the following data: the first record of gymnastics 1860, first mountain climbers 1875, first cyclist 1893, and skier 1895. Mining began here in 16th century in copper and iron mines of Rude, in 1839 a glass factory was put in operation at Osredek, a predecessor of the modern crystal glass factory.

Samobor has rich cultural tradition. An elementary school was established here as early as the 16th century, a brass band in 1807, and a singing choir some sixty years later. Great artists, writers and composers, inspired by the beauty of this pitoresque medieval town, dedicated many of their works to it (A.G.Matos, Lj.Gaj, P.Preradovic, A.Mihanovic, V.Lisinski, F.Livadic).

Samobor welcomes you to over a 200 restaurants and pubs, where you will be offered many of the specialities of the region, some almost forgotten by now (rudarska greblica - miners pick, bermet - vermouth, mustarda - home made mustard, cesnjofke - garlic flavoured sausages). Numerous events such as the Samobor Carnival, traditional mountain climber competitions and many exhibitions at the Samobor museum will make your stay pleasant and amusing.

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